Wednesday, September 4, 2013


The celebration of San Gennaro’s Feast in Los Angeles is one of the biggest festivals of the year, and in addition to the countless actors, musicians, and other celebrities who will be amongst the tens of thousands in attendance, it was recently announced that former boxing champions Ray Mercer, Michael Moorer and Bobby Czyz will be representing Find A Dream at their booth this year.

Find A Dream—a 501 c (3) nonprofit organization that reaches out to community children and provides them a healthy channel to find and work towards fulfilling a dream—recently moved their headquarters from Myrtle Beach to Los Angeles, where they are looking to expand upon the west coast by opening up more facilities.

Founded in 2010, the organization has prominently expanded on an international level as they have opened up two facilities in the United States, and have participated in various speaking engagements through Europe to spread awareness of the importance of providing children with a healthy outlet to allow them to work towards their goals in life and have a structure to follow.

“We are honored to be part of one of the biggest events in the country,” said Find A Dream founder Rod Ricciardi.  “The San Gennaro Festival is known on an international level, and we are excited to have our champions at our booth, signing autographs and meeting with the public.  We are all about spreading awareness of our mission to impact the lives of children across the world, and the San Gennaro Festival will aid us in making our organization known through Los Angeles.”

What makes Find A Dream unique is the majority of their Board includes former boxing champions and future Hall-of-Famers,  including US Olympic Gold medalist and former heavyweight champion Ray Mercer, 3-time world cruiserweight champion Bobby Czyz, 4-time world heavyweight champion Michael Moorer, Don Steele and more.

Last year Find A Dream teamed up with Pete Guthrie and One Punch Fitness in opening up their facility in Myrtle Beach, and continues to further their plans in 2013 and 2014 of expanding across the United States and overseas. 

The San Gennaro Festival will be held September 27-29 in Los Angeles, and Find A Dream’s world champion boxers will be available through the weekend.

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